General Information


*Please see Rules & Regulations for Scheduling and Game specific details.


◊ All players must be a current PAO member.

◊ Valid photo ID must be presented when checking in at the Provincials.

◊ All registrations will be closed on AUGUST 17 AT 23:59 EST.

*No change to registered Events is permitted after this date.

*Substitution of doubles partners, due to injury, illness or circumstances beyond that player’s control, must be made with the consent of the Tournament Director


 Refunds are possible before, but not after, registration is closed.

◊ Players may register in ONE Division per Event and in up to THREE Events total: one mixed, one singles and one doubles.

◊◊ The Tournament Committee reserves the right to cancel or combine Events based on registration numbers.


◊ The draws and schedules for the 2018 Provincials Championships will be available for viewing on the tournament website first week of September.

◊ All Events will be awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze medals

◊ Round robin pool play will be used initially, ranking ALL players/teams for a minimum of one additional game in post-pool play.

General events offered for each day as follows:

Please check the online registration site for the date and details for specific skills/age events.

Friday September 14 Saturday September 15 Sunday September 16
  • Men’s Singles 60+
  • Men’s Doubles 60+
  • Women’s Doubles 60+
  • Men’s doubles 70+
  • Women’s doubles 70+
  • Women’s doubles 2.5,19+
  • Mixed Doubles — all ages
  • Men’s Singles Open
  • Men’s Singles 40-59
  • Men’s Doubles 19-59 (a number of events)
  • Women’s Singles Open
  • Women’s Singles 50+
  • Women’s Doubles 19-59 (a number of e,2.vents)

◊ During Provincials, players/teams are responsible for checking in with Gym Marshalls at the designated area 15 minutes prior to their scheduled games.


◊ The PROVINCIALS’ OPERATIONS CENTRE will be onsite, based out of Room 104, located in the main hallway across from the main entranceway.

◊ Dress Code requires proper gym attire and non-marking court shoes.

◊ By registering you agree to allow photos taken of you at the tournament to be used by the PAO and City of Waterloo.

◊ Players are encouraged to bring a lock and store belongings in the lockers in the change rooms.

◊ Water is the only beverage allowed on the courts.