CSI Tournament at RIM Park

On June 12th and 13th the City of Waterloo completed another successful CSI Tournament at Rim Park. the competitors were very keen and demonstrated good sportsmanship over the two days.

The POWWR Pickleball Club enjoyed the opportunity to volunteer its services during the competition. A few of our members were involved in keeping stats, refereeing medal games and acting as gym marshalls. A few referees in training had their first taste of refereeing in tournament play and hopefully will continue to participate in future events.

A big thank-you to all the participants and volunteers who made the event such a success. Also, congratulations to all the winners who medaled in each of the events.

This year’s event was held in June, but it is hoped that it will return to its original date in March for next year.

See you on the court and happy pickle balling.




January 2013 while vacationing near Puerta Vallarta, Mexico we were introduced to a new sport called Pickleball. We had played all the racquet sports over the years but had never heard of Pickleball, what’s that? We were handed a paddle and a ball with holes! The courts were asphalt, cracked and uneven in spots and the nets were probably tennis high.  We were advised of a few rudimentary rules and told to hit the ball over the net.  Zap, the attraction was instant and we were hooked.  Playing was so much fun, easy and social.  

Back home and Phil is searching the internet for Pickleball sites. Downtown Community Center offers Pickleball….let’s Go!  Staff at the facility were very polite and helpful. The more we played, the more we wanted to play. Forest Heights Community Center, the “YMCA”, Kingsdale Community Center, etc.

February 2014, we, along with Marsha and Jack Redmond presented Pickleball to Jim Zuber and Kendra Priddle at the Research In Motion sports complex in Waterloo.  Facility workers joined in the play wearing their steel toed shoes. It was great fun doing the demonstration. Nets, poles and paddles were purchased by RIM and the game was on. Court play was offered free of charge until September. In the first year 3500 players attended the program now named the Waterloo Pickleball Club.  To access sites that offer Pickleball go to Pickleball Association of Ontario.

Along the way we realized that there was a great need for referees so we studied the rules and offered a workshop to introduce the “rules” of the game.  Fun time sharing our love of the sport with others.

As the sport continued to grow in our region we volunteered to help with the initial formation of a new organization, Pickleball of Waterloo Wellington Region or POWWR.   POWWR is a registered non-profit volunteer run association. POWWR provides a safe and welcoming environment for the promotion, development and growth of the sport of Pickleball in the Waterloo-Wellington Region of Ontario.

We have volunteered at local tournaments, London, Hamilton, and Midland.  We feel privileged to be ambassadors for this growing sport. See you on the courts.

Mary and Philip Rajotte


OSGA District 26 Pickleball Medalists!

Mixed 55
Gold-Lee Reinhart and Rudy Simon
Silver-Patsy Huether and Garry Dagenais
Bronze-Fiona MacGregor and Charles Tse
Mixed 65
Gold-Paul Pink and Susan Shabatura
Silver-Susan Yagi and Art Krahn
Bronze-Judy Radtke and Larry Brooks
Women’s 55
Gold-Marilyn Joostema and Lorna Popofski
Silver-Ann Griffith and Fiona MacGregor
Bronze-Patsy Huether and Lee Reinhart
Women’s 65
Gold-Susan Yagi and Susan Shabatura
Men’s 55
Gold-Doug Snyder and Rob Hickman
Silver-Dwain Kelly and Charles Tse
Bronze-Rob O’Drowsky and Paul Douglas
Men’s 65
Gold-Ken McDonald and Rudy Simon
Congratulations to everyone and good luck to those teams moving on to the Provincial Summer Games!
Also thanks to the set up, take down crew, and a special thanks to Marilyn Pearce and Ann Weber for a full day of tournament work!


The OSGA (Ontario Senior Games Association) hosted an Open Pickleball Tournament May 1st, 2nd and 3rd at the Rim complex in Waterloo. 

We had a number of local first, second and third place finishers in both men’s women’s and mixed play.
Here are just a few.


POWWR Mondays

It is official, POWWR has leased four Pickleball courts at the KW Badminton club in Kitchener on Monday nights from 7:00pm till 9:00pm.
As you can see by the picture, it is just a wee bit cold, as this section of the old curling rink has no heat! So sometimes layers, toques and mitts are needed for the warm up, literally to warm up!
This hardy, dedicated group of very enthusiastic players started playing the end of November and will play right through till mid May. A number of different playing formats will be used throughout the season. Ladder, play and split, strategy sessions, and socials…of course!
If anyone is interested in joining POWWR Monday’s next season contact us at


Local players win some hardware at the Ontario Championships