Rules and Regulations

Updated Rules and Regs as of August 22, 2018.




◊ All events will be played in accordance with the IFP Rules and Regulations in effect at the time.

◊ All equipment must meet the approval of the IFP standards.

          *A list of approved paddles is available on the IFP site.



◊ Each game will be assigned a number and tournament play will be done in sequential order. To move games along in an orderly fashion Gym Marshalls will be used to direct players/teams to the first available gym and court…

◊ This means the only games with a set starting time are the first ones played in the day.

◊ Participants are therefore expected to be aware of their game’s order in the sequence and be waiting on-deck in the marshalling area in a timely fashion.


◊ Games will be played as follows:

  • All round robin games, cross over, bronze, and semifinals are one game to 15 and win by two.
  • All gold medal matches are two out of three to 11 and win by two.


Gyms and courts are available up to 10 minutes before the first games of the day.

◊ All games will have a 2 minute warm up commencing once the Gym Marshall has called you on to your court.

◊ Gym Marshalls will expect games to start immediately upon the 2 minute warm up ending.

◊◊ Once warm ups end, first server for each DOUBLES TEAM must visibly wear the form of identification determined by the tournament director.


◊◊ Gym Marshalls may impose a forfeit against a player/team that fails to be on their assigned court, ready to play, within 3 minutes after the 2 minute warm up is called over.

◊ Arrival after the 2 minute warm up, but within the 3 minutes allowed, negates another warm up period; the game is to commence immediately.

◊ Extenuating circumstances are to be brought to the attention of the Tournament Director.


The tie breaker rules are taken from IFP Rules section 12.

The winner is determined based on number of matches won. If two or more teams are tied:

  1. First tie-breaker – head to head
  2. Second tie-breaker – point differential of all games played (Example: Team A won Match 1 11-8, 11-4, so they would have a point differential of +10. Team A then wins the second match 11-9, 2-11, 11-6. For this round, they would have a point differential of -2. This would give them a total for the day of +8.)
  3. If still tied, PCO will make the final decision.

NOTE … If illness, injury, forfeit, disqualification or other unavoidable hindrance prevents an individual/team from completing all their pool games, all the results of that individual/team shall be removed. Also, retiring during a match shall be considered to be not completing all pool matches.


◊ Should circumstances arise whereby a player/team wishes to challenge a result, a grievance may be initiated by proceeding to the OPERATIONS CENTRE within 5 minutes of the end of the game in question.

◊ The Notice of Grievance begins once in OPERATIONS and notification of such has been given to the Tournament Director or designated alternate.

◊ The Notice of Grievance form will be made available at that time, as well as directions to assist in the successful completion of the application in a timely manner.

◊◊ Further details can be found by viewing the Notice of Grievance on the tournament homepage.


◊ All participants should be aware that the playing facility has an EXPECT RESPECT policy that extends into all areas of the Sportplex.

◊ That policy is considered an extension of the IFP’s Code of Conduct, which is also in effect.

◊◊ Unwarranted behaviors/actions deemed to violate either policy may be cause for disqualification from the remainder of the tournament.


◊◊ Any blow to the head, be it floor, racquet or otherwise, will necessitate medical clearance prior to participation in further action.