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Kitchener Downtown Community Centre – Pickleball skills and drills for Fall 2019!

Don’t miss your chance to work with coach Fiona.  She is high energy and has years of playing and coaching experience.

Contact the Kitchener DCC by phone 519-741-2501 or go online to register.

Pickleball for Beginners 38155 New to the sport or have you just started to play Pickleball? These lessons are designed to teach basic skills and rules of the game. 17-Sep 3-Dec Tue, 9:30 AM, 1h
Pickleball Intermediate 38156 Intermediate lessons include drills for the short game, serve receive, lobs, blocking and strategy. 17-Sep 3-Dec Tue, 10:35 AM, 1h
Pickleball Beginner Plus 38154 This program is designed for those with some Pickleball experience. The emphasis will be on basic skills and rules of the game. 19-Sep 5-Dec Thu, 9:30 AM, 1h
Pickleball Intermediate Level 2 38157 Need to practice? Or work on improving your game play? The focus here will be on drills and strategy. 19-Sep 5-Dec Thu, 10:35 AM, 1h